Part 1 Discuss the four key critical infrastructures. Give one real-life example! 150 words Part 2 Many psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists argue that boys are more aggressive and violent

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Part 1

Discuss the four key critical infrastructures. Give one real-life example!

150 words

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Part 2

Many psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists argue that boys are more aggressive and violent than girls because they learn (and are taught by family and peers) that aggression & violence is “okay” or condoned for boys but discouraged for girls.

Is the argument above from psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists valid? Explain your answer.

200 words

Part 3

  • Use one of the theories in chapter 3 to explain Alyssa’s behavior.
  • Do you think Alyssa was born a criminal or were there social factors that contributed to her criminal behavior? Explain.
  • Discuss whether Alyssa’s underlying issues (describe) would be amenable to treatment (what type of treatment)?

150 words (I’ll provide the theories)

Part 4

This week we are talking about the two detective short stories The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire & They Can Only Hang You Once.

1. I mentioned in the lecture the concept of “fair play.”  Do you think the stories you read are fair play mysteries?  Why or why not?

2. What are some of the differences you notice between the Arthur Conan Doyle story and the Dashiell Hammet story? What do these differences tell you?

3. Sherlock Holmes is undergoing something of a renaissance, and is currently being portrayed on television and film.  If you have seen one of these iterations, how closely do these portrayals reflect the character in the story you have just read?

150-200 words

Part 5

Define security goals aimed at the protection of human, physical and cyber targets. Give one relative example for each!

300 words

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