Part A: Planning document

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Written Outline Requirements

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Part A, a strategic overview intended for the instructor

Part A (Planning Document)

Concisely describe the intended audience—the target for your message (provide details).

–basic demographics (who are they; what’s the gender distribution; how many

persons; what occupation; what level of education; what socio-economic issues;


–special audience characteristics (memberships, associations, interests, etc.).

–how or in what ways would this audience differ from any other audience?

–how will you use this information about your audience in preparing your


–don’t just say, “my audience is just typical . . .,” or “my audience is just a group

of employees . . ..”

Review any time, place or context issues affecting your presentation. (May create place)

Indicate the organization strategy employed (topical, step, chronological, etc. for informative presentations and problem-solution, causal, reasons, climax, motivated sequence, etc for persuasive presentations).

Indicate the type of attention/interest material to be used (especially in the introduction).

Review your overall presentational strategy– this might include but not be limited to:

attire/grooming strategy; audio/visual materials employed; supporting material; active/passive audience involvement; feedback responses; etc.Carefully explain your

plan. For an informative purpose, how will you enhance learning and understanding?

Specific Purpose Sentence (SPS):A statement of the exact audience response desired (what the audience will get out of the experience—not what you are going to do).

Central Ideas Statement (CIS):A statement of the major ideas to be found in the speech, i.e., the main ideas (I, II, III, & IV) of the speech body.

Sources of Information:A bibliographically correct listing of the external sources of information used in the speech (books, articles, interviews, government documents, corporate publications, internet cites, etc.)Make sure that internet sources are clearly identified—not just a series of hypertext letters & numbers.

Sample Written Preparation Part A

Audience and Speaker Role

I am a full-time recruiter for the University of xxx newly located in the Atlanta, GA region.With xxx’s joining the SEC Conference, new efforts are being made to recruit quality students from the southeastern United States.I have been given an opportunity to address members of the Georgia Association of High School Guidance Counselors [GAHSGC] during its pre-convention informational workshop sessions.The convention is being held at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center, Atlanta GA.I will be speaking at a workshop for Guidance Counselors representing the 50 largest Georgia school districts.Workshop planners expect an actual audience of 30 to 45.I have been assigned a standard, hotel meeting room configured to seat as many as 60 participants.I will present during the morning session.

I know from convention registration data that my audience will include both men and women with a slight “female” majority.All participants will hold valid Georgia Teacher Certification, have at least 5 years of actual, classroom teaching experience, achieved a Master Degree or higher and have been educated at colleges and universities in Georgia or adjoining states.The age range will most likely be from the late twenties to the mid fifties.Audience members not only belong to the GAHSGC, but to other professional organizations.

I would expect that my audience will know “of” the University of xxx but not much “about” the actual institution.When students consider where to attend college, they often rely on the recommendations of their high school counselors (parents & peers too) who may tend to direct them to regional colleges and universities.My plan is to provide information that offers an alternative—xxx.I will focus on potential questions a high school student might ask and give the counselors solid answers.I will provide each attendee with an xxx compass key chain and a “fact booklet” describing the campus and its programs.I will also use a short video clip showing the campus and its surroundings and a simple, short power point to help my audience follow the presentation.These are educated persons so I don’t want to tire or wear them out with “flashy” visuals or read to them what they can see for themselves.Main ideas will be arranged along a “topical” pattern.I have selected information that describes the many program opportunities available to the xxx student ,the long, xxx tradition of teaching, learning and research, and the many activities one can participate in.

Specific Purpose Sentence

Georgia Guidance Counselors will acquire new information regarding the University of xxx.

Central Ideas Statement

The main ideas of this message are:(I) the university campus and community; (II) opportunities for involvement and activities; and (III) entrance requirements and programs of study.

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