Past to present technology photo assignment and moreeeeee :3

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# Question 1- You will be doing an annotated bibliography for TEN graphic resources (FIVE of which must be informational) as well as how they will be used to support the argument based on TECHNOLOGY. 5 PICTURE FROM PAST AND 5 PICTURE FROM PRESENT. IN TOTAL 10 PICTURES.

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When you turn in this assignment:

  • Put all of the graphic resources into ONE document .
  • For each graphic/informational source, include (directly under it) the web address for where you located it
  • Then, write 3-4 sentences for each graphic explaining how it fits into/supports your argument.

Please be sure to note:

  • Remember- your chosen topic must relate the past (1650 CE) to the present.

Here is one attached doc example which i did before. But it was from 3500 BCE to 1650 CE. Now you have to do it from (1650 CE) to the present.

Everything should be based on TECHNOLOGY. Remember it

Make sure there is no plagiarism. but you can use references

# Question 2- Discuss the declaration from Frederick Douglass: Make a man a slave and you rob him of moral responsibility. 150 words

Read the attached picture then write. you will get all the information there.

# Write both individually in same document.

Make sure there is no plagiarism.

# Question 3 – Which of the ideas and/or events from this time seem to have had the most impact upon Modern America?”

  • Be specific connecting the past to the present with examples.
  • You have freedom to personalize the reflective writing to your own life within the answer, but specific examples from the word Doc’s
  • Your reflective writing piece must be a minimum of 150 words (about a 15-sentence paragraph),
  • The writing must include at least one direct in-text citation to materials from the Doc’s and include a references section directly after the paragraph.

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