Peer 2 Discussion: Mobile and Social Computing

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When responding to your peers’ initial post, consider the following:

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Are there any additional advantages to integrating mobile computing for a business?

What are possible disadvantages of mobile computing in your peers’ initial posts?

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing these discussions:…

Peer’s Post:

Mobile computing is critical to the success of mot businesses, large or small. If a consumer is unable to find information regarding a business, retail for example, online they are very likely to look elsewhere to find the same or a similar product. For example, I was looking for a seamstress locally a few months ago and was unable to find hours for a certain business online and instead of going through the hassle of calling them, just decided to go through another business whose hours and contact information were listed easily on their Facebook page. Actually, through Facebook messenger, I was able to set up an appointment with the seamstress and keep in contact with her regarding my project. Our smartphones are our lifelines to everything, and as we have previously learned, are replacing many other tools in our lives, such as our calculators, flashlights, computers, etc. If information isn’t easily accessible to us for an organization we are very quick to move on to a different organization that allows us the access we desire.

One of the biggest success stories of embracing mobile computing has to be Starbucks. The capabilities of their mobile app have far above exceeded others. Starbucks app has a multitude of features. It allows you to place and pay for a mobile order, so that all you have to do is go into the location and pick it up. It will allow you to save and customize orders and order from different locations. It will also give you the option for locations, their distance from you and direct you, if needed to that store’s location. Starbucks app also has a rewards program that incentivizes customers for using it regularly and will run specials to get extra incentives in an effort in increase sales. The Starbucks app also run exclusive sales and incentives for app users. I feel that the greatest feature of the app is that it allows you, not only to use your own funds to pay for your order, but you can also easily add gift cards to your Starbucks wallet to use for purchases, thus eliminating the gift cards that you have to carry. Essentially Starbucks has eliminated the need altogether for you to take your purse or wallet into their store.

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