phi103 week 4 discussion 2 RESPONSE r.b.

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Respond substantively in a way that furthers the conversation. For example, you might discuss other similar areas in which you have noticed the media creating or responding to bias. You might comment on to what degree we control our media and to what degree it controls us. You might comment on the example they have chosen and contribute to the points they are making. You might comment further on the value of consuming a wide variety of high quality of media sources. 6 sentences or more.

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Week 4- Discussion 2:

Media and News have become two different entities in our world of communication. It used to be that one could go to their local news source (mostly newspapers), and find out details of goings on in the community and the world around them without bias. But now that is nearly impossible. Newspapers have almost become obsolete, and many people rely on media sources online to find out information about what is happening in the world today. The problem with these newer media sources is that they aren’t necessarily monitored or held to any kind of standard about what is said or how it’s shared. News stories have become editorials with some facts included. But even most of the facts are written about in a way that skews them to a specific side or line of thinking.

Unfortunately, we have become a society that either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that this is taking place. We are more than comfortable with hearing the “facts” the way we are comfortable hearing them. We accept and allow our media outlets to put their spin on things and it feeds into the cycle of hearing what we want to hear so we continue to go back to that source or sources on a regular basis. It leaves us feeling informed about topics without forcing us to think outside of our own viewpoint.

In my opinion, it’s not enough to just work to expose ourselves to other sources of media that may represent the other side or line of thinking, in order to consider ourselves “informed”. For me, it also includes stepping outside of my comfort zone in my relationships. I have to be in contact with people who have different perspectives and viewpoints, and can give me firsthand accounts of their world, which we both live in. I can’t rely on the media to help me understand our racial tensions within this society, I have to go directly to the source and ask my friends and loved ones, who live within these parameters and have these different experiences, what they see and how they feel about it. That is what will change our perspectives and allow us to see what is REALLY going on in our country as it pertains to racial tensions and reconciliation. Now, I realize that this isn’t possible for every issue. The likelihood of my getting over to Iraq to befriend and share viewpoints with a woman who has lived there and knows firsthand what that looks like and how that feels, is not high. Or coming in contact with and getting to befriend a transgender person who has served or wants to serve in our military. Again, may not happen. But for me, the main point has to be about relationships. Otherwise, it’s too easy for me to see things as “issues”, instead of conflicts and heartbreak for real people. Remembering that these issues involve real people, families, communities and countries helps me want to know what is really going on and how I can be involved in making changes or helping in some way. If I just read about it, even from sources with opposite or uncomfortable viewpoints, it’s not always enough.

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