Philosophy 110 Discussion Aristotle’s account of virtue and happiness

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#1 This week, we are reading Aristotle’s account of virtue and happiness. In your own words, explain what he means when he says: “Virtue, then, is a state of character concerned with choice, lying in a mean, i.e. the mean relative to us, this being determined by a rational principle, and by that principle by which the man of practical wisdom would determine it.” You may choose to give an example of a situation in which one must use their practical wisdom to determine the virtuous way to act.

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#2 Lao Tzu’s Dao De Jing is one of the most widely read and translated texts of all time. However, it is somewhat obscure and hard to understand. Each time you read it, you may get something different from it. In this discussion board, pick two passages from the Dao and explain, in your own words what you think it is trying to say. You are welcome to use other passages than those found in our textbook. The complete Dao can be found here: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Use examples please for both questions to complete answer.

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