Philosophy and Purpose of Education

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Outline and Annotated Bib. For Research Paper

Upload one document with a 250 word outline and a 600-1200 word annotated bibliography of at least 6 texts that you are using, or considering using, for this paper. The outline and annotated bibliography together are worth 5% of your final grade.


The outline should begin with a thesis claim. Clearly define your thesis, which should state your educational philosophy and its method. This can be a working thesis, it can change and shift as you proceed with your research.

Once you have identified a working thesis, develop a skeleton outline structure that includes topic sentences for each planned section and paragraph of your research paper. The topic sentences should relate directly to your thesis and provide direct support for the points in your thesis.

Finally, incorporate your annotated works into your outline. You can simply list where you anticipate referencing the works in your paper.

Upon completion of the outline, you should have a clear map for how you will proceed to develop your paper in a clear and coherent manner.

Annotated Bibliography

This should include 6 works that you are considering using for your research paper. The entry for each text should cite the text in the standard MLA format, and then do the following:

  • summarize the work’s central argument;
  • evaluate the quality of this argument, including the author’s reasoning and use of evidence;
  • comment on whether or not the source might be useful for supporting your own argument;
  • and identify how you might use it to do so.

Since each annotation should be between 100-200 words, you should try to articulate each of these points in one or two sentences.

Note: this assignment requires you to provide annotations for 6 texts even though your final paper does not need to cite more than 5 texts (you must include the text from the syllabus here as well).

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