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Treatment program visit

Do a social media audit for a program. Visit their website as well as their facebook/twitter/Instagram profiles. Look at how the website and social media is setup, their mission, target audience, testimonials, and how they are communicating with the public.

Then write about the visit without violating the anonymity of the participants (or alternatively your audit). Do not use any quotations.  Write everything in your own words.

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  1. NAME/DATE: Name of the program/organization and date of in-person visit or phone meeting if you can’t attend in person (or of social media examination)
  2. HOW THE PROGRAM OR SERVICE OPERATES: How does the program or service operate? Give as much detail as possible.  Your answer should be at least 200 words
  3. COMPONENTS: Does it use any of the components? Give as much detail as possible.  Please take a look at the screen shot for the components.                                                                       
  4. WHAT SURPRISED ME: What surprised you about the program or service?
  5. WHAT I LEARNED: What did you learn from your experience of attending a meeting or visiting and/or observing the program or service (or what did you learn from examining the program’s website and social media?  Give as much detail as possible.  Your answer should be at least 150 words

Format: You do not need to cite anything or use APA format

Use the following headings:

A.  Name/date

B.  How the program or service operates Your answer should be at least 150 words

C.  Components

D.  What surprised me

E.  What I learned Your answer should be at least 200 words

IMPORTANT: Do NOT submit your first draft.  First, read what you wrote out loud.  Check for:

  • Missing words or letters
  • Missing or misplaced periods, apostrophes, commas
  • Incomplete sentences
  • 2 or more sentences strung together that should be made into separate sentences
  • Putting something in past tense that should be in present tense or vice versa
  • Plural words that should be singular or singular words that should be plural

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