Pitching the Plan

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Create a 5- to 7- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes and visuals on each slide, that will sell your identified improvements to the strategic plan, based on your Wk 4 analysis.

Include the following:

  • Summarize the threats and challenges you have identified within the current strategic plan.
  • Determine how to execute the strategic initiatives in order to address the threats and challenges.
  • Explain proposed process improvements.
  • Assess whether additional resources are needed.
  • Describe how resources should be used in the application of the strategic plan.
  • Utilize KPIs to justify the financial investment and to measure the success of the proposed improvements to the strategic plan.
  • Justify your recommendations based on anticipated Return on Investment (ROI).

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Case Study Analysis

Damascus Johnson


Case Study Analysis

Airbnb is a leading company in the accommodations market, providing an alternative to

traditional hotels and vacation rentals. The company has been a disruptive force in the hospitality

industry and has revolutionized how travelers find affordable and convenient accommodation

(Dogru et al., 2019). While Airbnb has had significant success, it must also be mindful of the

regulations that can affect its business operations. This paper proposes a business strategy that

will allow Airbnb to meet these regulatory requirements while motivating its users to benefit

from participating in the accommodations market, including the efforts to ensure the ethical

treatment of consumers and the adoption of flexible policies that are tailored to local, state, and

international regulations.

Airbnb is responsible for ensuring that its users receive ethical treatment from its

platform. To do this, Airbnb should create a detailed set of policies and procedures to protect its

users’ rights. These policies and procedures should include measures to ensure that users are

given accurate and truthful information about the services they use and measures to protect their

personal data. It should prioritize consumer safety, fair prices, and consumer privacy to maintain

the trust of its customers and the public. The price caps should be set dispute resolution process

should be implemented, and consumer privacy should be protected. For instance, developing a

secure system for storing consumer data and providing clear terms of service for consumers.

Airbnb should also create a system to monitor user complaints and resolve any issues that arise

quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Policies should be developed that are tailored to local, state, and international

regulations. These policies should be designed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and

should be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the legal landscape. All

accommodations meet local and state safety standards, including implementing a vetting process


for properties or requiring all properties to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. A system

created to allow users to easily access and understand the relevant regulations in the jurisdictions

in which they are conducting business.

Finally, Airbnb should consider how to motivate individuals to benefit from participating

in the accommodations market. The company can incentivize users to benefit from participating

in the accommodations market. These incentives could include discounts for frequent users,

loyalty programs for long-term customers, and special offers for referrals. Airbnb should also

provide access to expertise and resources to help users better understand the regulations and

maximize their earnings.

In conclusion, Airbnb should create a business strategy that includes ensuring consumers’

ethical treatment and adopting flexible policies tailored to local, state, and international

regulations. Additionally, Airbnb should create incentives for users to benefit from participating

in the accommodations market. By following this strategy, Airbnb can ensure compliance with

local, state, and international regulations while motivating its users to benefit from participating

in the accommodations market.



Dogru, T., Mody, M., & Suess, C. (2019). Adding evidence to the debate: Quantifying Airbnb’s

disruptive impact on ten key hotel markets. Tourism Management, 72, 27–38.


  • Case Study Analysis

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