Please answer this question and write 4-5 pages excluding references and any appendices.

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Please answer this question from the case in the attach files.

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  1. 1) Why has Regis been so successful in her career to date? In your answer be sure to include a discussion of: (a) person – organization and person – job fit for Regis at Vardian from 2008 – 2010, (b) person – organization and person – job fit for Regis at Excel from 2010 – 2012, (c) person – organization and person – job fit for Regis at Excel from 2012 till the merger with Gemini, (d) Regis’ managerial skills throughout her career, and (e) mentoring provided by Anderson.
  2. 2) Why did Regis respond in the manner she did to the outsourcing proposal? Is her management style inconsistent with the past? First put yourself in her situation, intellectually and emotionally. Then, think about the current situation at Excel after the merger with Gemini in early 2014. Is Regis just being change-resistant? Or, is she trying to protect her territory? Do you support Regis’ ultimatum at the end of the case?
  3. 3) Could Regis have done anything differently? If yes, identify specific incidents and behaviors that transpired, and be specific in how she could have handled these situations differently. You should also think about all of the other stakeholders in this case.
  4. 4) What should Regis do now? In your answer you should think of the post-merger situation and all of the stakeholders involved. Considering Regis’ phenomenal record so far, does she need to change her skills/attitudes/behaviors for her future career growth?
  5. 5) Describe 2-3 personal take-aways from this case (related to concepts from this course)?
    • What have you learnt about the outcomes of various types of social ties/networks?
    • Regis threw an ultimatum at her boss Spanner. How can he resolve this conflict?What have you learnt from this situation?
    • Do female managers face challenges different from their male counterparts?

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