Please do not use a previously written document. Must be newly written document- Creating a Bibliography

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Deliverable 5 – Creating a Bibliography


This competency will allow you to recognize and summarize an example
of an effective team and synthesize the elements of a successful leader.


Your boss has asked you to represent the organization by
participating in an industry research panel on leadership. There is an
expectation that all participants submit required work before the
initial meeting.

Your job is to create an annotated bibliography that includes the
titles, authors, publishers, copyright dates, and short summaries of ten
total research articles. Each summary should be a minimum of one
hundred words. Five of the articles should focus on team efficiencies
and five on successful leadership. Along with the bibliography, you
should submit an introductory paragraph describing the process you used
for selecting the articles and the criteria you used in your search

Use proper APA formatting for the annotated bibliography. The
following link is a great resource for writing annotated bibliographies:
Annotated Bibliographies, Abstracts, & Appendices

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