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1. Respond to at least TWO peers with EACH question. Peer posts must be thoughtful, insightful and rich in content.

2. 150 word minimum.

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3. You are not required to use references.

Chris Domingo

    Managers in healthcare continually make decisions, solve problems, and resolve conflicts to achieve organizational objectives. They are an essential asset to the company as they steer the organization toward the established goal and profitable path. The importance of decision-making shows managers that they value employees’ work and have their best interests in mind. Managers have different types of approaches when it comes to decision-making. Some use their intuition, while others use rational thinking to make decisions.

    Intuition is defined as the ability to acquire knowledge without the use of reason (Marcovici, 2013). Individuals use this approach that bases their decision on experience, hunches, or unconscious feelings rather than logic and reasoning. Rational thinking accounts for the potential consequences of possible errors in our actions- false negatives and positives – to help us arrive at optimal outcomes (Djulbegovic et al., 2017). They use logical reasoning and analysis to arrive at the best decision. It is wise to use rational thinking than intuition because it promotes consistency and is resistant to limitations in perception and biases. Rational thinking examines all possible outcomes, including the positive and negative effects of the decision. Using intuition may improve the current situation but only temporarily due to not accounting for things that could happen with an unfavorable outcome. Intuition can have severe drawbacks as the manager might not fully consider all the alternatives, missing an even better solution to the current crisis. Intuitive decisions usually come from inaccurate or incomplete information.


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Rebekah Moses

In the healthcare setting, I believe it is better to use a rational approach rather than an intuition approach. Olden describes the rational approach as making a decision based on logical reasoning and deliberate analysis (Olden, 2019). I favor this approach because we are dealing with people’s health and well-being. When making decisions as big as those a person’s choices should be well thought out and many solutions should be considered. Olden describes the intuition approach as knowing, believing, or deciding based on experience, hunches, or unconscious processes rather than on logical conscious thinking and reasoning (Olden, 2019). As a healthcare manager, I could see how a person may be tempted to use intuition when making some choices such as hiring. Personal experience may give an individual some insight, but ultimately rational choices are best. Hiring an individual off their resume, experience and qualifications is a more logical choice than how a person feels the individual would make a good fit in the workplace. In the journal of the 
American Medical Association, it was published that
 when utilizing a rational approach it would not be easy but, when it comes to measuring and paying for high-value health care, doing what is easy is no substitute for doing what is right (Jha, 2015). To make a rational decision there are a lot of steps involved and research that goes along, whereas intuition may come easier because it can be based on experience and feelings. For these reasons, I feel a rational approach is best but intuition can be helpful at times.




Jha, A. (2015). Seeking Rational Approaches to Fixing Hospital Readmissions. JAMA : the Journal of the American Medical Association, 314(16), 1681–1682.

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Management of healthcare organizations, an introduction, Third edition (3rd ed.). Health Administration Press.

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