POL 201- Week 3- Learning Activity, political science homework help

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Ashford 4: – Week 3 – Learning Activity

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Branches of Government

As you continue to build on your final paper, it is
recommended that you review the Learning Activity assignments and review
the Final Paper prompt before beginning this assignment. Please be sure
to review the feedback provided by your instructor on your Week One and
Week Two Learning Activities as well. A model POL201 Final Paper Guide
is provided for you to download and utilize when completing your Final
Paper. The three branches of our government each play crucial roles in
the U.S. national government. Each branch has specific power, duties,
and responsibilities that are the most apparent features of our system
of separate powers. Nevertheless, each branch has been critiqued for
having definite strengths and weaknesses that become obvious in certain
situations. Analyzing these strengths and weaknesses will enable you to
evaluate and recommend ways to enhance and correct these fundamental
assets and deficiencies of the branches of our national government.

To complete the assignment, save the Week Three Learning Activity Worksheet to your computer, fill it out, and submit it, via WayPoint.

Develop several detailed paragraphs regarding your third main point using the Week Three Learning Activity Worksheet.

Branches of Government
Select one of the three branches of government (executive,
legislative, or judicial). Focusing on the one branch of government you
have selected, develop four paragraphs that explain one strength and
one weakness of the branch of government, as well as options to maintain
the strength and correct the weakness of the branch you have selected.

Scholarly Support
For assistance with your research, the Ashford University’s
Library provides tutorials and recorded webinars on a variety of
topics. To access these helpful resources look for the links located
under the FindIt@AU search box on the library home page. For help with writing and citations, please review the handouts and tutorials provided by the Ashford Writing Center.

A reference list of at least two scholarly resources from
the Ashford University library with full APA citations is required.
While your textbook can be utilized as a source, it does not count
towards your two sources for this assignment. Two new sources should be
utilized each week to meet the minimum of eight required sources for
the final. By finding and supporting your material with these sources
each week, you will have the research necessary to construct a strong
Final Paper.

The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources
table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. If you
have questions about whether a specific source is appropriate for this
assignment, please contact your instructor. Your instructor has the
final say about the appropriateness of a specific source for a
particular assignment.

Be sure that the sources you are utilizing to support your ideas are valid, reliable, and not overly bias.

View the POL201 Research Guide for help on how to find and evaluate sources for assignments in this course.


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