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Polishing Goals and Objectives

This assignment provides you with a practical application for designing Learning Goals, Learning Outcomes and Performance Objectives to measure learning. Remember, Learning Goals describe course skills and knowledge at a very general level. Learning Outcomes narrow down the various skills that together will support the Learning Goal. Performance Objectives detail the skills and knowledge that a learner would DEMONSTRATE as achievement of a part or all of a Learning Outcome.

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Throughout the Online Educator Specialization you are developing an online mini-course of between 10-20 hours of student learning that is between three to five modules. For this online course, develop one Learning Outcome, and two Performance Objectives to support it.

Getting Started:
First carefully review the example of a course and learning outcomes below. Then complete the following tasks.

Step 1: Describe a Course. Throughout the Online Educator Specialization you are developing an online mini-course of between 10-20 hours of student learning and between three to five modules. Using the work you developed in the discussion board for this week, provide the following:

  1. The course title and description
  2. The intended target learner, including age, grade, or industry (e.g. training for an insurance organization). Provide enough detail to be able to focus your lesson to this particular population.
  3. Describe the Learning Goal of the course—what it is intended to teach.

Step 2: Refine one Learning Outcome. Next, using the work you developed in this week’s Discussion Board, refine one Learning Outcome describing a skill or knowledge that supports the course Learning Goal.

Step 3: Develop Two Performance Objectives:
Performance Objectives describe precise activities that a learner must perform in order to demonstrate learning mastery. Using the Learning Outcome developed in Step 2, create two measurable and observable Performance Objectives for your one Learning Outcome.

Step 4: Update your CourseSites Course Description Page: Using your refined Course Description and learning audience, update your mini-course description. (Review the BUS 102 example provided above for guidance.)

Step 5: Create a New Module in your CourseSites Course. Create a new module in your online mini-course and develop a lesson description based on your Learning Outcome. List your two Performance Objectives (again review the BUS 102 example provided above for guidance.)

Step 6: Sketch Out Some Ideas for Your Lesson. Finally, below your Lesson Description and Performance Objectives, briefly sketch your ideas for a lesson activity and possible materials. Don’t worry about how polished your ideas are, you will return to this section later in this course.

Step 7: Reflecting on Your Work. In one to two pages, briefly respond to the following questions:

  1. Provide your Learning Goal, Performance Outcome and your Performance Objectives. Discuss how your Performance Objectives support your Learning Goal and Outcome.
  2. What sort of lesson activities could support this specific group of learners in achieving your Learning Objectives?
  3. What ideas do you have for measuring learner achievement of your Performance Objectives?
  4. Are you beginning to see your lesson take shape? Are there areas of concern or gaps between your goal, outcome, objectives and your lesson activities?

Step 8: Submit your work to your Instructor
Before submitting this assignment in the assignments area; add the info for your Instructor to access your online class by including the guest/observer URL that you have created for your course. To review where this URL is located please see the following Job Aid. Make sure that this URL is clearly presented and labeled at the start or end of your assignment.

Upload your work to the assignments upload area with your name and the guest URL of your course site.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


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