Political Science: Politics and Warfare, political science homework help

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1. Use the ww1 case to illustrate a general theory of war[sources;lectures Fromkin].

2. Use the Cold War to illustrate the security dilemma.[ sources lectures ;Doyle.

3. Use the bargains hypothesis to explain the variability of domestic commitment.lectures Kindvatter.

4. Use the bargains hypothesis to explain the reinvention of the citizen soldier lectures Kindvatter.

5. Explain the long term military divergence between East Asia and Europe be sure to use the concept of hegemony. Lectures Andrade 6Use the combat contract hypothesis to explain compliance behavior in ww2 Korea or Vietnam lectures Kindvatter

7. Explain the strengths and limitations of coercion in understanding the variability of domestic commitment and combat compliance. Lectures Kindvatter.

8. Explain NorthKoreas determination to develop nuclear weapons lectures;Doyle 9How does the balance of power explain inter state behavior in the contemporary Mid East. Lectures;Doyle.


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