Portfolio Task 2 – Unit 3-4 (L&S and R&W)

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¨Make sure you scroll down the page and answer both sections.

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1-Listening and Speaking Skills:

a.Instructions :

Step 1On the internet, search about this topic: –

“Home remedies for common complaints “

Step 2 – Choose One home remedy for a complaint (for example; a headache) and search the pros and cons of the selected remedy.

Step 3 – Create a one-page poster or one-slide PowerPoint Presentation and Outline pros and cons in short points, not full sentences. You can use visual aids.

You can use https://www.canva.com/ or any similar website to design your poster.

Step 4Present what you have found clearly. Start with introducing the complaint and then explain the pros and cons in detail.

Step 5Record your presentation in One Audio.

You can use the audio recorder within Notebook OR

You can upload an audio file on One-Note page

The minimum length of your speaking is 1 min and the maximum is 2 mins.

Step 6 – Upload your recorded audio and insert your poster/ PowerPoint below.

Upload the audio here : ……………………

Insert your poster or PowerPoint presentation here: …………

Speaking checklist (rubric) :


You are speaking without memorizing or reading from the notes.

Your speech is fully on the topic and focuses on communicating the pros and cons.

Your speech is within the required length.

Your speaking is clear and fluent with correct pronunciation and intonation.

You use correct grammar.

You use sufficient vocabulary covered in units 3 – 4

2- Reading and Writing Skills:

a.Instructions :

Step 1On the internet, search articles about One of these topics:

Cellphones in the year 2021


Lifesaving mobile apps


Online teaching


Being vegan


Organic food

Step 2 – Choose One article you are interested in.

Step 3 – Read the article to prepare writing a short four-paragraph essay on the Pros and Cons of the selected topic.

Step 4Brainstorm your essay with cons and pros and fill in the following graphic organizer:

Step 5 – Write an essay in four-paragraph about the chosen topic. Write 120 – 150 words

Step 6 – Your essay must include the following:


Introductory paragraph A: to introduce the main idea of your essay.

Body paragraph B: to mention pros with details.

Body paragraph C: to mention cons with details.

Concluding paragraph D: to restate the main idea of your essay.

Write your essay here :

Essay writing checklist (rubric) :



Your chosen article is related to the topic.

You brainstorm your ideas and fill in a graphic organizer.

You include all paragraphs in your essay.

Your essay is original and paraphrased using your own words.

Your sentences in each paragraph are clear and in a logical sequence.

Word Count

You write 120 -150 words.


You use correct grammar

Your spelling is correct

Your punctuations are correct

Your capitalizations are correct

The end of the task


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