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one page double spaced journal on each chapter one page on intro and one on chapter one , must use APA citation style

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follow insructions very care fully

You must turn in a journal entry for each reading that indicates at the top of the page which
reading it is (with the author, chapter number, and chapter title). A journal entry should be a
one-page, single-spaced (it can be double-spaced if you have room), typed, summary and review
of the reading in question. It should have two sections. In the first section, you should provide a
brief synopsis of the reading that identifies the key themes, thesis, and key points. The second
section should contain your evaluation of the readings. How does the reading connect with the
discussion in the class or with other topics we cover? How does it connect with current events or
actions of recent presidents? How does it relate to other things you know, have learned in this
class or others?
Try to keep each entry to single spaced page (to save the trees and to save your time and
mine). Your grade will not be affected if you go over or under a single page as long as you
fulfill the assignment as described above. Please print double sided if at all possible if a summary
is over one page, and always staple multiple pages together.
Citations: You do not need to cite the chapter you are summarizing in text. For the review, you
should cite any outside sources you draw from, with a citation at the end or in a footnote.
Included citations should be in APA format. Guidance on APA citation formatting can be found
on the library website: http://libraries.towson.edu/help-guides/tags/apa.
Journal entries will be due in class each Monday with assigned readings, as hard copies. Entries
submitted on time and fulfilling all requirements above will receive full credit (1 point). Entries
submitted late during the week they are due (by Friday at 5pm) will receive up to 75% credit (.75
points). Entries submitted after this point may receive up to 50% credit (.5 points). There will be
up to 22 points possible to receive full credit for the assignment by the end of the semester.


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