Power System Analysis and Control Assignment

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There are three tasks in this Power System Analysis and Control Assignment, including:

Fault Currents calculation, Faulted bus voltage calculation and Node voltage calculation.

File description:

The Assignment Scenario and each tasks are listed clearly in pages 1-3 , Assignment 2 .pdf file.

The Rated power and Voltage data for the tasks is listed in page 1 ,Assignment 2 .pdf file.

The provided values in impedance for each section’s calculation is provided in data_creation2018.xls file.


1. A detailed report should contain the workings/ computer code associated with each Part of the assignment. Also, an in-depth discussion of results should be included in the report for each section. The report template is provided in Report Template.docx. (Picture of Neat hand-writing for step-by-step calculations part is acceptable for efficiency )

2.IMPORTANT: Numerical accuracy within 3% is essential. (Work with at least 4 significant numbers). Marks are awarded strictly for answers.

3. All other details&requirements are all provided in Assignment 2 .pdf file.



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