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The topic is Instagram and the ethics of privacy, write a speech draft and 7-14 pages PPT speaking to the audiences how you find Instagram privacy policy is ethical or unethical, and please have a clear statement at the end. You can use true stories to analysis the ethics of Instagram privacy. Please do not include too much of the advertising part, please focus on how Instagram use data and if that violates users privacy. And you can include anything privacy related. The presentation is 5 mins long, please do not put all your writings on PPT, PPT should be simply and easy to read, and please use some true/false questions to start off the PPT, and guide audiences to think about the question that they might not think about before. Bring out questions is a good way to engage audiences, and please have your answers to the questions. The language of the speech draft should be simply, short sentences. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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