Prenatal and Postnatal Development Complications

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Typically, we tend to associate teratogens with pregnancy and things pregnant women should avoid, but can teratogens affect men?:

  • What is meant by male-mediated teratogens?
  • How do male-mediated teratogens affect prenatal development?
  • In what other ways can male-mediated teratogens affect men’s health


teratogens on prenatal development, and also reviews some of the postnatal development complications that can occur as a result of factors such as low birth weight.

  • What counseling would you offer to someone considering pregnancy, or in the early stage of pregnancy, about things that can affect prenatal development, such as teratogens and other factors?
  • How might your counsel change, based on demographic factors such as age or ethnicity of the woman?
  • What counseling would you offer to help lessen the effect of postnatal complications, such as low birth weight or preterm birth


Many research studies have found that it is easiest for people to learn multiple languages when taught from infancy. For this discussion:

  • Find at least one scholarly article that researches bilingual development in infancy.
  • Describe the research conducted in the study and summarize the findings. Do not forget to provide the APA citation for your article, and to follow APA style rules for citations and references.

After exploring some research on the topic, respond to the following prompts:

  • What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of teaching infants multiple languages?
  • Would you want your child to learn multiple languages early in life?
  • Why or why not

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