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a quiz that examines the historical development of
behaviorism, reviews the key individuals, traces the differences between
Watson’s form of behaviorism and Skinner’s radical behaviorism,
explores the difference between classical and operant conditioning, and
includes a question on behaviorism today.

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quiz should include 10 questions—multiple-choice items that ladder up
from the basics to more difficult questions towards the end of the quiz.
Effective quizzes have clear questions, including distractors (the quiz
items that are not the correct answer) that are plausible in terms of
being the right answer. Be sure to vary the location of the correct
answer in the list of choices (a, b, c, or d), and that the correct
answer is not always the longest option. The Xu, Kauer, & Tupy
(2016) article has been included to provide you with a guide to
constructing quizzes.

the correct answers included in your submission. Include a citation to
the sources on which you relied at the end of every question. Include
the list of references at the end of your quiz.

Length: 10 Questions – multiple-choice quiz, plus title page and reference page.

quiz should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and
concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights
relating directly to this topic. It should also be clearly stated,
personable, and interesting to hold the attention of students in an
undergraduate class. Your quiz items should also model effective
scholarly writing and current APA standards for your students. As
always, be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic
Integrity Policy. (For this assignment, this means constructing original
questions, the correct answer, and the three “distractor” items on your
own, using the materials assigned for the week and any article you find
in your original research

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