PRESENTATION TO MUTUAL FUND MANAGERS (How do numbers tell a story?)

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You are an analyst with Freeman Capital and follow many stocks closely. A key stock in a retirement portfolio experienced two significant declines. The representatives from this retirement plan are concerned about future valuations. These representatives include some business professionals and others who lack a financial background.

At their next meeting, you have two to three minutes to highlight this troubled stock in their portfolio. Your manager asks you to show the two sharp stock declines and explain what caused the declines over the last 12-18 months.

You need to research what happened during the decline. Go back in time to see what was written about the company at the time of the declines. A reason for the decline cannot only be COVID.

You should conclude your presentation by noting whether you recommend to hold or to sell the stock and WHY. Give the representatives good reasons based on what is currently happening in the US economy and with the company (economy opening up, new product launch, acquisitions, etc.). You may not use your company from the industry analysis report.

Active investors believe value comes from analyzing information about a company’s stock, and two indicators may assist with this valuation.

  • The first indicator is a company’s profit, often expressed as earnings per share and representing net profit after tax dividend by shares on issue.
  • The second is its valuation multiple, expressed as the P/E or price to earnings ratio, which is calculated as price share divided by earnings per share, leading to an expression like a share is trading at “ten times current earnings.”

Feel free to add this type of information into your stock price story as needed and any other data you wish to include.


Your slides should be simple, avoid dense text, and rely on charts that help the audience understand key message points. All charts have a title, x and y-axis, and a legend. Include citations on your slides (see example). Add a reference slide at the end of your presentation using live URLs. Do not show your reference slide to the audience. No min or max number of slides.

Table 2: Presentation Outline


In any order

Introduce yourself and give your credibility based on the scenario.

State the purpose of your presentation (to present company X’s stock performance and explain recent stock declines).

Include the agenda.

State what the company does to earn revenues.

No “hook” this time – does not fit scenario



Introduce the company’s stock chart

(introduce the x and y-axis, the stock line, and anything else on the chart) do not say, “this is the stock price chart.”

Highlight the two major stock price DECLINES and explain WHY. You need to include the percent decreases.

Call to Action

Recommend: hold or sell the stock in the portfolio

State: WHY

Ask for questions (none will be given); Thank the audience for time.

*** Before class, I want you to tape your presentation. Once you are happy with your recorded version, upload it to Canvas in the discussion board.


You will be assessed using the following criteria

  • Content: Introduction, explanation of two decline points, and end with a call to action
  • Delivery: Demonstrate confidence, good posture, strong eye contact, clear voice, good pace with no fillers, small gestures while describing the stock’s decline
  • Visuals: Use message titles, not topic titles, to explain the slide (takeaways are ok to use)
    • Need a title slide, agenda slide, slides to explain your stock decline (does not matter how many, animation is ok to use), conclusion, and a resource slide (do not show).
    • Think about how you can use a pointer – you can insert arrows, lines, circles, boxes, symbols, or words to direct your audience’s attention
    • Use color to further spotlight the image or words you have chosen. Red = negative; green = positive (make sure color is seen)


  • Time: each person has two to three minutes (no more or less)
  • P2 ORDER – Z to A

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