Preterite verbs and imperfect tense

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A. Please translate into Spanish.

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All these verbs must be in the preterite tense.

I went to the airport. (ir)

I spoke with the agent of the airline. (hablar)

I gave him my ticket. (dar)

I checked in my luggage. (facturar)

I went to the waiting room. (ir)

I boarded the plane. (abordar)

B. Translate these answers to Spanish

Question 1 – ¿Qué carro tenía tu mamá cuando ella era una adolescente?

-When my mother was an adolescent she used to have a Cadillac.

Question 2 – ¿De que año era el carro?

The car was of the year “nineteen eighty five”

Question 3 – ¿Cómo era el carro?

-The car was pretty and fast.

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