Primary source analysis paper( history of Korean civilization)

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Primary Source Analysis Paper (History of Korea Civilization)

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This paper is an exercise in analyzing primary sources. A primary source is a first-hand account created by the witnesses or first recorders of events at the time they occurred. This includes (but not limited to): letters, diaries, photographs, artifacts, legal documents, artistic creations, interviews, memoirs, and newspaper articles. These testimonials provide the evidence for understanding the time period, events, and historical actors under examination.

From the list, you will choose ONE of the groups of documents numbered below and analyze the source(s).

  1. Kwanggaett’o Stele [Peter H. Lee and Wm. Theodore de Bary eds., Sources of Korean Tradition, vol 1: From Early Times through the Sixteenth Century, 23-26. (“Kwanggaett’o Stele)
  2. Lee and de Bary eds. Sources of Korean Tradition, 1, 154-156 (“Ten Injunctions”)

In your essay, you must include your views on the following: (1) What aspects of the content strike as important in understanding the history of the period and why? (2) How might the document(s) improve our understanding of this period’s history? (3) What are the issues we need to be mindful of when using these materials? (For example: historical context, author, genre, purpose, censorship, circulation, etc.)

Your paper must be in short essay format, TWO pages, 12 point font, and double spaced.

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