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Organizational Project on a Technology Business Analyst in Technology in Management, (Make project relate to Problem Solving in an Existing Organization)

Note: Analyze and summarize existing strengths and weaknesses in the client organization that have bearing upon the problem or opportunity at the focus of the project; Apply root cause analysis to determine the underlying reasons why the organization experiences less than optimal performance in the area of focus; If your project is based upon a more general industry issue (i.e., not specific to one organization) define how do typical organizational strengths and weaknesses in the industry group impact either the problem or opportunity you were exploring?

Your analysis should respond to the following questions in a
2000-word document not including
References. References do no count towards word count. Must be in APA format.

1. What are some of the key areas of internal organizational functioning that are most relevant
to the project? How do I define each of these areas and why have I chosen them?
2. What strategy should be used for the root cause analysis?
3. What kinds of data should be collected and from whom (use of interviews, customer metrics, other business metrics, organizational documentation, focus groups etc.)?
4. What kinds of data analysis techniques will be applied (statistics, financial analysis, qualitative analysis etc…)?

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