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Research a professional organization with influence over the health policy issue of Removing Barriers to Nurse Practitioners’ Ability To Practice

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Locate at least one academic article focusing on the professional organization’s efforts to effect change on the health policy issue.

Contact the organization and ask at least two specific questions regarding the health policy issue that neither their website nor the article answered.

Prepare a marketable visual presentation (i.e., flyer, pamphlet, poster, etc.) on the organization. Include the following in your presentation:

  • The role and mission of the organization
  • The benefits of the organization to its members and the APRN community as a whole.
  • How will networking with this organization and with others in the industry help drive change in the area of your selected health policy issue?
  • Based on the article you selected and your research on the organization, how can the organization be used as a guiding coalition to address your health policy issue.

Write a 350- to 525-word summary analyzing three of the core competencies of advanced practice nursing and how they relate to professional organizations and professional development.

Consider the following questions in your summary:

  • Why are the selected competencies important?
  • How will mastery of the competencies improve your practice?
  • How can you continue to develop the competencies after graduation?

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