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This was Joel Craig’s first visit to the controller’s office since
being recruited for the senior accountant position in May. Because he
had been directed to bring with him his preliminary report on year-end
adjustments, Craig presumed he had done something wrong in preparing the
report. That he had not was Craig’s first surprise. His second surprise
was his boss’s request to reconsider one of the estimated expenses.

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S & G Fasteners was a new company, specializing in plastic
industrial fasteners. All products carry a generous long-term warranty
against manufacturer’s defects. “Don’t you think four percent of sales
is a little high for our warranty expense estimate?” his boss wondered.
“After all, we’re new at this. We have little experience with product
introductions. I just got off the phone with Blanchard (the company
president). He thinks we’ll have trouble renewing our credit line with
the profits we’re projecting. The pressure’s on.”

In your initial post, consider the scenario above and address the following:

  • Discuss whether Craig should follow his boss’s suggestion and lower the percentage.
  • Does revising the warranty expense estimate pose an ethical dilemma for Craig? Please explain your response.
  • What stakeholders would be affected if the organization follows
    the suggestion to lower the estimated warranty expense percentage? How
    would each group be hurt by this move?

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