Project 2: Cloud Computing Assignment

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 Now that you understand and have created a virtual machine, your Caduceus CTO, Eliza, has asked you to extend that application and provision infrastructure in the cloud. Specifically, you will provision a Windows operating system in the cloud. The provisioned infrastructure could be accessed by any end-user device client. This includes a desktop running Microsoft Windows, a Mac device running Apple MacOS, iPad, Android Tablet, and even a Google Chromebook. You will use any of the aforementioned end-user devices to access the provision infrastructure once this is set up.

Step 1: Log Into Your AWS Academy Account

You will use the same AWS Academy account used in Week1.

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In project 1, you reviewed the following AWS Academy (Student Guide) to set up and log into your AWS Academy Account. Now login to access and use your Learner Lab for project 2. Be sure to read the guide carefully before proceeding:

Note: The AWS Academy Learner Lab (Student Guide) provides students with instructions for using AWS Academy Learner Labs. The Learner Lab offers a lab environment suitable for student projects over a period designated by the department. 

Step 2: Download the Week 2 Assignment Template

Download the template you will use to submit your project. (CMIT 495 Project 2)

When providing a detailed overview of the steps required to install the Windows operating system on the virtual machine, make sure to include screenshots of each step in the process. Specific details and instructions are included within the Week 2 Assignment Template.

Note, when completing the EFS configuration process, be sure to follow the hints in this document to save some time. (EFS Hints.docx)

Step 3: Install and Configure a Microsoft Windows Operating System

  • Provision cloud infrastructure via Amazon and an OS platform (PaaS) by installing and configuring a Microsoft Windows operating system that can be accessed on demand by any end-user device.  Note, installing a Windows O/S is similar to what you did for Ubuntu. Just select the Windows Server Free tier.
    • Research and use AWS documentation and tutorials for instructions and guidance to complete the assignment.
    • Consult the AWS Connection Documentation in order to connect to the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Week 2 Project Template [ENTER YOUR NAME HERE]

CMIT 495 Current Trends and Projects in Computer Networks and Security

Week 2 – Cloud Computing

You must have
7 external scholarly citations within the submission.

Log in to your newly created AWS account and take a screenshot of the AWS Management Console (Dashboard) and paste it below question 1. The screenshot should include the username you created during the setup phase.

Launch a Windows Virtual Machine (VM). Provide a detailed overview of the steps required to install the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS) on the VM. The steps may be listed in the form of bullet points or a summary with complete sentences. Use as much space as required. Finally, take a screenshot of the desktop and paste it with your response below this question.


Using what you learned from Project 1, provision and launch a new AWS EC2 Ubuntu Linux Server and connect to it via the SSH protocol. Note any challenges or opportunities associated with this provisioning.

Using AWS,
create a network file system with Amazon Elastic File Systems (EFS) and attach it to the running Ubuntu Server instance. You may use the


web page for step-by-step instructions and understand how the EFS works. Take a screenshot of the result and embed it below. Specifically, take a screenshot to verify
that your file system has been successfully mounted, along with the results from
creating a test file in your new file system. This will be done by running a simple dd command to generate a 1GiB file in your new directory. Finally, describe the value of a network file system.

Using the AWS platform, create an S3 bucket and upload any file to the S3 bucket. Take a screenshot showing the file was uploaded to the S3 bucket and paste it below. If necessary, use the AWS webpage above for step-by-step instructions.

The CTO will be reviewing this document. You have shown how easy it is to provision a Microsoft OS using the AWS platform. The CTO chose AWS because it offered a free account. She will now expect a recommendation from you on what cloud service to use for the organization’s PaaS (e.g., the infrastructure, OS, runtime, etc.) needs. There is no need for a private cloud, so the public option will work just fine. Describe the difference between the Google Cloud platform, Amazon AWS platform, and Microsoft Azure platform.
(ELABORATE). Provide a recommendation for the CTO as to which service provider you would recommend and why.
Be explicit and detailed in your recommendation.

The CTO approved your comparative analysis between the cloud service providers (i.e. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft). She has decided to proceed with an

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

. The Amazon VPC ena
bles one to launch AWS resources into a virtual network, which is similar to a traditional network that can be operated in an on-premises data center. Keep in mind that networking, storage, and security associated with a VPC are as important as the overall scalable infrastructure of AWS.

To begin, the CEO would like you to provide the network settings needed to provision two (2) subnets for the VPC as shown in the table below:









Click or tap here to enter text. Click or tap here to enter text. Click or tap here to enter text.


Marketing /16

Click or tap here to enter text. Click or tap here to enter text. Click or tap here to enter text.

Based on your understanding, list the network address, broadcast address, and subnet mask for subnet A and subnet B in the table above. Perform the necessary calculations and explain how you arrived at your answer.

Show your work / breakdown of the subnets

To better help you understand IP addressing, IP subnetting, and IP address summarization, review the following AWS documentation prior to answering the questions in this section:


VPCs and subnets


CIDR and Peering for VPC and AWS Control Tower


Subnet CIDR reservations


The key benefit of an Amazon VPC (or a virtual private network) is that the internal network devices are not openly accessible via the Internet and can only be accessed from within a secure network. Thus, it keeps the proprietary applications and data protected.

Classless Internet Domain Routing (CIDR) notation: CIDR was introduced as a means to primarily improve address space utilization as a result of the rapid growth of the Internet and growth of the IP routing tables held in the Internet routers. Represented by an IP prefix, CIDR moves away from the traditional IP classes (e.g., Class A, Class B, Class C, etc.). Subnetting a network address space using CCIDR leads to an effective IP address space only for the number of hosts needed without wasting IP addresses.

+5 points on the paper, if work two methods of subnetting are performed (“regular subnetting and Variable Length Subnetmask (VLSM)). All work and configuration MUST be shown -as well as correct. ***********

Please note the following carefully. Confirm that you have
stopped and
terminated your Microsoft Windows virtual machine,
deleted your file system from the Amazon EFS console,
deleted the contents of your Amazon S3 bucket, and
deleted your Amazon S3 bucket. To confirm, simply type your name below.

You must have
7 external scholarly citations within the submission.

Click or tap here to enter your name.

Export/print your completed file as a PDF and upload to your LEO/Assignments folder.

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