Project Management Techniques

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Due no later than 12 noon cst. on Monday, January 16th. 

Exploratory paper

Due by Monday, January 16, 2023, by noon. No later!!

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For this final exploratory paper, you will focus on the concept of project management careers. For this final expository essay, we would like you to put together a paper that evaluates project management careers in a deep and sustaining way. We would like your paper to include the following:

Component 1: Introduction and overview of the types of career paths that project management can take.

Component 2: An exploration of the future of project management careers.

Component 3: An evaluation of the role of project management in your own career pursuits.

Component 4: Any other thoughts you must share on project management and its relationship to the modern organization.

You will use outside research citing a minimum of three professional references. Your essay should be 2000 words and should include at least five (5) citations. The sections should be clearly marked with headings so that your instructor knows which points you are addressing. Follow the guidelines for APA writing style. The title page and references page do not count towards the minimum word amount for this assignment.

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