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You are the owner of a business specializing in refinishing gym floors. You have been awarded the contract to refinish the gym floors at West High School and East Middle school (4 gyms altogether). Refinishing each floor includes the following major tasks:

  1. Stripping
    Strip old finish from existing floor (takes 2 people about 2 days per floor). For this task, you have to rent a floor machine to strip the old finish. The cost of the floor machine is $500 per week, or $150 per day. You plan to use the same machine to help sand the new finish between coats.
  2. Striping
    Re-stripe floor (2 coats) – includes painting lines for gym floor markings, painting school logo in middle of floor (takes 3 people about 2 days per floor; drying time is overnight – 12 hours)
  3. Finishing
    Apply four new finish coats (takes two people 1 day per floor per finish coat; drying time is overnight – 12 hours).

There are 6 people (aside from yourself as the manager) available to work – Joe, Mary, Fred, Nancy, Steve, and Sally. Anyone can do the stripping or finishing, but only Sally can do the initial striping/painting (the logo and stripes). After Sally applies the first logo/striping coat (it takes her 6 hours for the first coat), anyone can paint the second coat (this takes about 4 hours for one person). Sally needs about 2 hours from two different people to help her measure and mark the floor before she begins to paint; so it takes Sally (along with two other “helpers”) a full day in each gym to get the initial coat of logo/striping finished.

You pay a flat rate of $20 per hour per person, and you normally limit the work to 8 hours per day but can exceed that if needed. You have an agreement to pay overtime of $30 per hour if any of the workers put in more than 40 hours per week. As the manager, you do not work directly on these jobs – you are the project manager and your job is to keep the project moving smoothly.

You have a four week time period to complete this work. Summer basketball practice ends the third week of June, and volleyball starts the last week of July.

You submitted your bid in April to the school board, and they accepted your price. You informed your workers of this job, and they confirmed their availability, except for the July 4th holiday.

The customer directly purchases any required materials, and reimburses you for the cost of any needed rental equipment.


  • Normal work shift is 8AM – 5PM, with 60 minutes of lunch/breaks. Overtime is over 40 hours per week.
  • The drying time required for all functions is 12 hours (painting, final finish coats).
  • The buildings are available 24/7 for the four weeks.
  • Even though the gyms are different sizes, they all take about the same time
  • A new floor machine costs $30,000; you can rent as many machines as you need for the $150 per day/$500 per week price, but you only included the rental cost of one machine for four weeks in your bid to Harding.
  • Workers prefer to work the normal shift, but may agree to work a different shift if needed.
  • Stated time estimates are for an 8 hour day (8AM – 5PM, including breaks).

The attached spreadsheet shows the plan for the 4 gyms. Using this schedule, the team will finish all the floors a week early.

In late May, you receive a call from Green Valley Schools. They want your company to refinish their gym floors – two at the high school and one floor at the middle school. The time it takes to complete the floors at Green Valley is the same as at East High School. You have been trying to get into Green Valley for the last five years, and you want to take the opportunity if possible. You have to decide whether you can take the Green Valley job, and if so, how much you will charge Green Valley.

The customer directly purchases any required materials, and reimburses you for the cost of any needed rental equipment.


  1. Use the problem solving method learned in the course to solve this problem. You want to come up with a solution that will allow you to take the Green Valley job. Make sure that you come up with at least 3 alternatives and pick the best one.
  2. Create a budget for both jobs using Excel.


  • Problem solving Word document.
  • Excel Budget

Submit your assignment below.

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