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You are required to apply principles of adult development to

two of the

topics described below. These papers should be 4 – 5 pages.

app style no errors please

Essays – Choose 3 among the following in any order

1) Interview a close family member (parent, aunt, uncle, gr

andparent) about

changes associated with marriage, parenting and family life.

You must

incorporate at least three

principles of marriage and family covered in this

course. Use your text, readings and class notes.

2) Write your own fictional obituary based on material studi

ed in this course,

assuming you pass away in later adulthood. You must include


regarding four

themes in this course.

3) Reconstructive surgery and “turning back the clock.” Incorporate

at least

THREE of the themes studied in this course in your analysis of

why individuals

elect various plastic surgeries in an effort to appear youthfu

l. Please include two

articles in this essay and you must refer to your text and/or class no


4) Discuss one normative and one non-normative life events that

have taken

place in your life

or in the life of a family member

. Analyze the life events in

terms of at least four topics we’ve studied in this course (copin

g with stress,

physical health, mental health, personal relationships)

5) Interview one or two people in middle or later adulth

ood about their work

and occupational life. Did their work life change over th

e years? Were they

satisfied with their work? Why or why not. How do they fee

l about

retirement? What advice do they offer you

about your career choices? You

must incorporate at least three topics covered in this course.

I think number 5 would be better to write about . and please feel free to ask questions.

text book find it online Cavanaugh, J.C. & Blanchard-Fields, F. (2019).

Adult Development and Aging

Boston, Cengage.

notes are attached.

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