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Select a zip code near you to use as the target community in this discussion and later assignments. Select the zip code that includes the city government offices (city hall, city library), as well as retail stores, schools, and housing.

Review at least 1 community health needs assessment (CHNA) report as prepared by the closest nonprofit hospital serving the selected community.  

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Search online for [name of hospital] CHNA.

Select 1 issue of importance for the community as identified in the CHNA. Use this issue to describe levels of prevention in the assignment and to identify possible roles for local community and public health nurses.  

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Explain a current public health issue presented in Healthy People 2030 and how public health nurses can support the various levels of prevention for the issue.   
  • Select a community of focus by zip code and identify a health issue of concern for that population.   
  • Give examples of each level of prevention as applied to the selected health issue in your identified community.

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