Qualitative or Quantitative Research

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Using the databases such as Google Scholar and the Research Methods research guide in the
Ashford University Library, locate and read peer-reviewed articles
about the features of qualitative research and quantitative research.
Also read the full text of the attached article and differentiate between qualitative and quantitative research methods and
terminology. Specify which approach is used in the study. Explain
whether the study is qualitative or quantitative by citing specific
clues from the article, such as sample size, data collection techniques,
the nature of the data collected, or the data analysis techniques
used. Using information in Chapter 2 of the
textbook, determine whether the research study you selected is
non-experimental or experimental. Explain your reasoning.

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Paper must be a minimum of four pages (excluding title page) and formatted according to APA style and please no plagiarism or recycled work.


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