Qualitatively analyze (biomechanics of the high-bar squat vs. low-bar squat)

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1. Qualitatively analyze one topic from 2 of the following areas based on the joint angles and video data

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o velocity, acceleration

o friction, stability, center of mass

o mass, weight

o force, torque (moment arm)Your qualitative video analysis.




2. Your qualitative video analysis.

o Activity goal

o Divide into phases with discrete starting/ending events

o Identify important joints involved in the activity

o Identify the motions occurring at those joints during each phase

o Determine the primary plane of motion and axis of rotation

o Determine the dominant muscles begin used throughout the movement and the type of muscle action (concentric, eccentric, isometric)

o Use images from your video with the joint angles to compare differences in the movement variations at the critical phases throughout the movement

o Discuss similarities/differences between the variations (you may use your video if that aids in your discussion)


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