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Question 3

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What is the organism that allows trees to “share their food” with other trees of different species? What are the strategies that it uses to procure nutrients? How does it benefit the tree?

Question 4

Explain what happens at each step of water treatment in a wastewater treatment plant (you can use lecture slides and your experience touring the Kelowna Wastewater Treatment plan to inform this answer).

Question 5

While humans often try to maintain harvest rates of economically important species, there are at least four other categories of species that need to be weighed in plans for ecosystem management. Describe each of these four categories, explain why they are important, and give an example.

Question 6

Which type of feedback loop is most common in nature, and which more commonly results from human action? How might the emergence of a positive feedback loop affect a system in homeostasis? Give an example.

Question 7

List and describe each of the five major population characteristics and how they might differ o rbe the same between between K-selected species and r-selected species.

Question 8

Draw the Sustainable Yield Curve (or you can also copy and paste it into the below area). Explain how we can use the sustainable yield curve to better manage world Bluefin tuna sources. What part of the curve would we want to keep Bluefin tuna on given recent levels of population exploitation?

Question 9

What are the levels of biodiversity? Give one example of how destroying biodiversity at each of these levels would impact population or overall ecosystem health.

Question 10

Explain the premises and logic that support the concept of natural selection.

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