Questions regarding Global Business

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2 questions…100 words each with references.

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Activity 1. This week, we will be deliberating the concept of “Going Global.” This activity has two parts. 1. Discuss the role that small businesses play in the global business environment. After the decision to go global is made, a small business owner must decide how they will export their goods. 2. In your own words, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both direct and indirect exporting. Please cite where appropriate.

Activity 2. Cultural and social differences are intertwined with the perceived value and importance that a market places on a product. This activity also has two parts. 1. Discuss the impact that cultural differences can have on small business operations. 2. Provide three examples of something (or some activity) that is culturally acceptable in the United States but not acceptable in another culture (be specific). Research this and come up with examples

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