read the answers other students posted and write like a paragraph about the article with what students responded

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Article: San Mateo SFO Airport Hotel

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Source (Website): (Links to an external site.)

Based on your own view, what is the effectiveness of third-party print advertisement such as Travel Weekly in comparison to other traditional advertising techniques?

Do you believe Travel Weekly website can help in driving sales for San Mateo SFO Airport Hotel?



In my own view, third-party advertisements can contribute a channel to sending out the ads, whereas, many businesses do not have such infrastructure to establish their own channel to distribute ads, especially small businesses. In addition, third-party advertisements also help send ads to the target market effectively, they know when, where, and how to make their advertisements effective. Travel Weekly is a magazine, and the readers of the magazine are most likely to use travel-related services, such as hotels, airlines, transportations, restaurants, and entertainment. Therefore, putting ads on third-party print advertisements can effectively send ads to the target market for San Mateo SFO Airport Hotel. And the website can help in driving sales since travelers will browse the website to look for hotels, and ads of the hotel will be shown to the travelers.


Based on my view, I think that third party print advertisement is very effective because it brings awareness to the business, that third party service has its own customer service base that trust them, and it makes other third party services aware o this new business. I do believe that it helps in driving sells because it gives businesses more exposure. It gives them access to more customers who actually trust that third party service. The third party service can also open up new avenue of customers that was not in the business’s target market before the advertisement.


Based on my view the third-party print advertisements such as Travel Weekly put out good information that one wants to be aware of which shows a good overview of the San Mateo SFO Airport Hotel. Furthermore, this is a good way of being able to show the customers what the target market within the hotel is, and make other businesses/customers aware of where the hotel stands. I do believe that the Travel Weekly website can help drive sales for San Mateo SFO Airport Hotel because it gives great advertisement and information showing us the rates and policies, room amenities, and hotel recreation. This information is what customers usually look for when wanting to book a hotel.


In terms advertisement, third- party advertsiment it helps a business save a lot of time and enegry. It helps the business look for and target markets or even gain new future customers that might be stumble across these advertisments. But it is also recommended for business to verify a third party addvertisement company and know the contract details it comes to when working with these companies. For example negotaiting the position of the ad and payment for that ad.

The Travel Weekly Website can help drive sales for the San Mateo SFO Airport Hotel, since it’s a magazine designed and catered to tarvelers. And if people are subsrcibed to the website they’ll get notifications about the hotel a few times. It also shows a glimpse of the amenities the hotel offers and other sevices that could appeal to the target market.

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