Read the first three episodes of the Beowulf translation

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Read the first three episodes of the Beowulf translation and use them to help you answer the worksheet questions. Remember, while SparkNotes and other sites can be helpful, your answers to the questions should always be in your own words.

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Always answer in complete sentences. Grammar and punctuation are a factor in your grade.

1- Describe Grendel’s ancestry.

2- What does Grendel find when he goes to Herot? What does he do?

3-What is the scene at the hall in the morning?

4- What does Grendel continue to do at night?

5- How long has Grendel attacked Herot?

6- Why was Hrothgar “broken”?

7- What does Hrothgar’s warrior council do when they realize they do not have the strength to combat Grendel?

8- Describe Beowulf.

9- How does Beowulf hear about Grendel? What does he hear about Grendel?

10- What does Beowulf do to help the people of Hrothgar’s kingdom? Why does he think he can accomplish the task when none of the warriors have been successful?

11- How does Hrothgar feel about Beowulf’s arrival?

12- What tone does Beowulf emit as he approaches Hrothgar’s throne (ex: pride, respect, fear, etc.)? How do you know this?

13- Beowulf has a “life or death” attitude towards conquering Grendel. What lines describe this attitude?

14- Why do you think Beowulf intends to fight Grendel without a sword?

15- Describe the exchange between Unferth and Beowulf.

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