Reading American Horizon primary source essay

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For this assignment use Primary Source 2.3 “Fray Alonso De Benavides, Excerpts…”, pages 14-16 in Reading American Horizons. Students are to write a 250-350 word essay that analyzes the source and places it in its historical context. Below I have laid out a method for doing this. My goal is to avoid receiving 300 word summaries of the source. There is a place for summary, but in this type of assignment there isn’t space for summary.

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Here is a strategy for doing the Primary Source assignments.

  1. Read the chapter.
  2. Read the source; interpret the source; take notes; but do not start writing yet.
  3. Find the section of the AH chapter which relates to the source. The assigned source is 2.3 “Fray Alonso de Benavides…” If you look back into the chapter you will find that pages 44-46 “New Spain into the Southwest” discusses the Spanish conquest and pages 60-63 discuses Alonso de Benavides and his work.
  4. Write your short response in an essay form (250-350 words, and citations count for words). Your essay will need a thesis statement; an introduction; and a conclusion (so at least three paragraphs). Interpret the source (tell me what it is about—but don’t give me a 300 word summary) but also use the information from pages 44-46 and 60-63 to place the source in its historical context. The class will find I am a nag about putting things into their historical context. It is a history class. Also, make sure your introduction connects with your conclusion.
  5. Proof read. Check the spelling, the grammar, and punctuation. Avoid the use of contractions. Yes, we use contractions in the discussions and I use them in the instructions, but this is your opportunity to present a formal paper.

The reading is attached

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