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Latour, Bruno. “Love Your Monsters” (post in the attached file);

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Strand, Ginger. “Beware the Rainmakers.” Earth Island Journal, vol. 28, no. 1, Spring 2013, pp 39.


To practice summarizing an article with a complex argument

To practice the skill of distinguishing your own voice from another’s while responding to a different viewpoint

To practice synthesizing two texts in relation to each other

To deepen understanding and analysis of the relationship of humanity, technology, responsibility, and problems in the non-human world


  1. summarize Latour’s “Love Your Monsters,” including its argument, in one paragraph.
  2. write three short paragraphs:
  • one for disagreeing with something that Latour says
  • one for agreeing with something that Latour says
  • one for simultaneously or partially agreeing and disagreeing

Each of these paragraphs should start with a sentence that uses a filled-in template from TSIS Chapter 4. The rest of the paragraph should give details and explain why you filled in the template the way that you did.

  1. Then write a fifth paragraph giving your own overall response to Latour’s article. What, for instance, seemed most important and why? What insights did it have about the Anthropocene? What questions (or questions at issue) or did it raise for you? What challenged you (perhaps even something you disagreed with!)?
  2. Finally, write another paragraph responding to Latour from the perspective of Ginger Strand (based on “Beware the Rainmakers”). You may write the paragraph as if Strand herself were writing, or in your own voice. Make sure to discuss their differing perspectives on humanity’s relationship to technology, for instance, as a tool for control or as a cause of and/or solution to environmental problems.

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