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I’d like you to practice, just one more time, writing a thesis statement for an evaluation essay.

You’ll find over the course of your career that you write a lot of evaluations.

This evaluation is going to be on the poem pdf file attached here.

One of the things you should know about the poem is that when Julia de Burgos wrote the poem, Welfare Island, in New York, was home to a large hospital where de Burgos had been hospitalized several times. The link I’ve included contains some pictures that would have been taken around the time she stayed there. De Burgos died of pneumonia not long after she wrote the poem; she was only thirty-nine years old.

What I’d like you to do for this journal is just this: write a thesis statement evaluating the poem. Remember, your thesis should include an overall judgment of the poem along with reasons for that judgment. And you’re welcome to share any other thoughts you had about the poem or Julia de Burgos. (She’s one of my favorite poets!)


Please and Thank You.

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