Reflection” Please respond to the following:

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Hey everyone, here are two video’s that I hope if nothing else you will copy and paste into a word doc and save for later. Use then as needed to aid you in your focus for whatever goals you may be trying to accomplish. Grateful for everyone’s contributions this quarter . . . what a great class. Thank you, and all the best always. Do not hesitate to reach out down the road, if I can help, you would like to share some good news, or just to say hello. Focus, Strive, Persevere 🙂

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Dr. Sean Stephenson (you may be shocked by this one. I have got to meet him twice, and so positive, and has impacted so many.

Will Smith Documentary on Life, Success, Work Ethic, & Priorities (I love this video so much, and Will Smith has the ability to transcend so many barriers, I hope you enjoy)

“Reflection” Please respond to the following:

  • List three (3) of your principles of success that you believe are most impactful.
  • What psychological concepts do you wish we had explored in more depth in this course?

Please provide feedback for me, as to positive and negatives of the course. I always seek to improve, as well as Strayer is consistently seeking feedback. Thank you everyone, peace.

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