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As the textbook argues, learning how to analyze and understand “Religion” and “religions” is not just an abstract endeavor. Important legal and social issues often ride on how one defines religion and which groups and organizations are consider “religions” or “religious movements.” Re-read the material on the Prince Philip Movement, and Chapters One and Two in Studying Religion, especially the section of Chapter Two on “Is Secular Humanism A Religion”. Here is the essay question: using Paul Tillich’s definition of religion as “Ultimate Concern”, and the definition of religion you formulated and revised earlier this semester, in a coherent essay examine whether either or both the Prince Philip Movement and/or Secular Humanism should be considered a religion, and why / why not? (Paul Tillich’s definition of religion (or what he terms “religious faith”) is discussed in the PowerPoint Lecture on “Religion” ,on pages 21-23 in the book, and also briefly on page 251. Below you will find a short quote from Tillich in which he also discusses his definition of Religion.) In your essay integrate and deploy the various skills, qualities and theoretical approaches to studying and understanding “religion” that you have studied so far this semester.

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