Reply 2 essays Being a basically shy person, I have never wanted to have a leadership role

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1, Being a basically shy person, I have never wanted to have a leadership role, but because of my life experiences, the true leader in emerged. As a leader it is very important to use active listening skills. This means not only hearing what is being said, but also observing the body language of the speaker. This is very easy for me as I have grown accustom to hearing what is not being said through my Inner Healing Ministry. Active listening within a group setting is much more complicated since the leader has to listen to many people at the same time. (Jacob, Schimmel, Masson, & Harvill, 2016). Encouraging and supporting is also very easy for me since being an encourager is a part of my ministry. “A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Proverbs 15:1, New King James Version). Tone setting is a another one of my strengths as I like for others to be comfortable in the group setting. The leader is the one who dictates how the flow of the group will be, and if members are in a setting in which they openly express themselves and feel relax and content with speaking out, the whole experience within the group will be a very productive one for all involved. (Jacobs et al, 2016). Clarification and questions would be a weak link for me. Sometimes I tend to forget to ask the correct questions to get the clarification I need to have the proper information to proceed further. The techniques the authors gave such as repeating and reiterating as well as asking the members to participate in making the statements clearer (Jacobs, et al., 2016) are ones that I will find useful in helping me become better in this area.

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Good leaders emerge as great leaders because they have learned how to use the necessary skills to lead a group successfully whether it is a small group or a large one such as a manger in a employment setting. Being a leader gives one power that sometimes they are not equipped to handle and still be effective. To abuse the power one is given will hurt the whole dynamics of a group and cause much dissension within its structure. When members feel they are equally important to the group regardless of their social status, they are more likely to be obedient to the leader.


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2. Personally, I feel the easiest for myself is reflection because I am able to reflect about what I am aware of. This allows others to see what I am reflecting or aware, which can benefit a group. The leader should speak out loud about what should be reflected in the group’s thoughts and feelings. I think awareness is key to revealing an awareness that was not noticeable within the conversation. This allows a person to reflect on their own inconsistencies and weaknesses to practice noticing them. Others in the group are able to relate with each other’s thoughts and feelings creating an open and safe environment that anyone is welcome to speak (Jacobs, Schimmel, Masson & Harvill, 2016).

I think the hardest for me is multitasking with active listening, observation, and thinking about other techniques at the same time with a group rather than one on one conversation. I mainly focus on one thing at a time, so I can accurately understand and give an accurate response. Sometimes, I have a hard time listening thoroughly because the individual may bring up something that I may reflect something similar in my thoughts, and I want to speak it before I forget. Usually, I will forget what I need to say if I do not say it because it could be beneficial. This would take a lot of training and practice for my personal and professional life.

From the readings, power can be used either for the good or bad of the group (Forsyth, 2015). Depending on the influence of the power used by the leader may be able to control the group toward obedience and receive status. When this status is received, it gives appraises to the person who is viewed with the most power and influence amongst the group. People are willing to be obedient to those who are higher in status and have a powerful influence (Forsyth, 2015). This can be influenced negatively or positively. People end up partaking in the power from the leader, which enables them to be encouraged and willing to be led and obedient to do what the leader asks. In addition, there are benefits to receiving a portion of this power within the group love, acceptance, rewards, worth, safety, and comfort.


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