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Prepare a 3-page APA format paper (the cover and reference page do not count) that discusses the direct correlation between anemia and gingivitis. You must use at least 2 sources. At least one source must be from a Dental Hygiene journal and the American Dental Association (ADA) website or material. Questions to consider addressing are: state your choses disease or problem (in this case, the relation between anemia and gingivitis), why did you choose this disease or health problem?, what ASA class would a patient with this disease or health problem be? why?, is this disease or health problem likely to occur in a specific ethnic group or gender (please elaborate with credible statistics), are there any contradictions to dental treatment? if so, what?, and could this patient potentially have “special needs” (medical, physical, psychological, social, etc.) that would need to be considered when scheduling them for treatment to prevent a possible dental emergency?

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