Research Methods-Social Work

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1. Should social scientists be permitted to conduct replications of Milgram’s obedience experiences? Can you justify such research as permissible by the current NASW ethical standards?

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2. How would you define alcoholism? Write a brief definition. Based on this conceptualization, describe a method of measurement that would be valid for a study of alcoholism

3. Now go to the National Institution on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and read some facts about alcohol (http;//…). Is this information consistent with the definition you developed for question 2?

3. Thinking about the primary benefits and disadvantages of each of the five basic survey designs, which would you choose if you were interested in learning more about the caregiver burden experienced by parents raising young children below the age of 6? How would you try to ensure sample representativeness? What steps would you take to maximize the rate of response?

DO NOT answer in just one sentence. MUST be in answered in a paragraph or so. Any questions or concerns please let me know. DO NOT accept assignment if you can’t meet the time.

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