Research paper 4-6 pages

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CST 100 – Introduction to Public Speaking

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Requirements for the Research Paper:

I understand that writing removes the struggle and focus of the primary purpose of this class; however, we have repeatedly discussed takeaways in public speaking.As part o your informative speech, you would provide your audience with a takeaway or additional information about your chosen topic.No, you will not provide your paper to the class, but in a normal professional speaking environment, you would.As such, consider this research paper the takeaway.I will be the only person reviewing the paper and will provide feedback and guidance.

Length:4-6 pages

  • An abstract is not necessary for this paper.
  • As a general rule, a page is considered to be 4 pages if it reaches ¼ of the fourth page.A paper is longer than six pages when it is ¼ of the page on the seventh page.Please pay attention to the length.

Format:American Psychological Association format (APA)

  • If you are not familiar with the format, there are guidelines on Blackboard.
  • Citations are required in your paper.Be sure to cite sources correctly.
  • Failure to cite your sources will result in a failing grade.
  • Plagiarism is unnecessary.


  • Your paper should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Do not use contractions.This is a formal paper.
  • Avoid using “I” statements.
  • Utilize your research and data to support the overall position of your paper.


  • You are required to complete extensive research for your paper.
  • You must have at least 3 Sources.
  • One source must be a primary source.


  • Use 12 point font in standard Times New Roman
  • Use one inch bordering for all pages
  • Be sure to indent each paragraph.
  • Use only 8 ½ inch x 11 inch paper
  • Double spaced spacing
  • Pages should be numbered with a clear heading
  • You are required to have a title page;
    • Name
    • Date
    • CST 100 – Intro to Public Speaking
    • Research Paper

Grading: You will be graded on content, grammar, and overall effectiveness of your paper.You must use citations.Failure to do so will result in a failing grade.If you are having trouble, reach out.You can use the writing center on campus or the Purdue University writing resources on-line.You can also contact me.I am happy to help.

Purdue University On-line Writing Lab: This is an excellent resource.

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