Research Proposal Presentation and outline human services

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Throughout this course you have studied the importance of various human services theories, types of research methodology, ethics related to conducting research, and how theory and research impact the human services field as a whole. As a student within a human services degree program, select a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article of interest to you. This article should describe a possible research study you would like to conduct once you’ve gained more experience in the field. Then create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation that addresses the following questions:

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  1. What is your topic and why does it interest you? What is/are your research question(s) for this study?
  2. Are you using a theoretical framework as a guide in your research? If so, which one, and why is it important within the human services field?
  3. What is your target participant group and how would you obtain access to this group?
  4. Would your study utilize quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research? What specific approach would you use for data gathering (interview, established survey/measurement tool, meta-analysis, etc.) and why is this structure appropriate for this study? What would a possible drawback be to using this methodology?
  5. Would you use a traditional format of data collection or would you use an online format? What type of informed consent would you use? Is there anything else would you need to do to protect your research subjects?
  6. How would your research results potentially impact current knowledge in the field and human services policies and/or services?

If you are not familiar with all of the functions within Power Point, please utilize the following tutorial:

Your presentation should include 8-10 slides of content, not including the title page and reference slides. The reference slide must conform to the apa format Include at least six scholarly references.

All content slides should include at least a paragraph of detailed information in the Notes section. You must also use at least one SmartArt element within your presentation in order to visually illustrate your information.

Submit a brief outline with powerpoint. Use outline template for guidance

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