Respond on Audit Committee’s Issues

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  • examine
    the importance of the audit committee oversight related to the quality of
    the internal controls of an organization. Analyze the audit committee’s
    responsibilities regarding risk assessment and internal control
    monitoring. Indicate whether or not the audit committee is the best to
    perform the function.
  • Contrast
    the opinion provided by the independent auditor concerning management’s
    assessment of internal controls over the financial reporting system with
    the audit opinion on the financial statements in general. Argue for
    providing both a qualified opinion over the financial reporting system and
    an unqualified opinion on the financial statements.
  • in
    2009, the FASB issued a ruling related to income recognition from multiple
    element sales involving software to various stakeholder groups. Evaluate
    the impact of Apple’s retrospective restatement of its financial
    statements resulting from FASB’s ruling. Provide support for your
  • examine
    the influence of both Apple’s reported deferred revenue and the lobbying
    by Apple executives on FASB’s ruling. Indicate your agreement or
    disagreement with Apple’s attempt to influence FASB’s ruling.

I need short paragraphs for these discussion questions please.  Nothing profound is needed thank you APA references if needed

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