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Respond to discussion 2

100 words per discussion

Dewitz et al. (2020) described several ways teachers can create a literate environment in their classrooms, including modeling, print-rich classroom, organizing physical space, choice, classroom climate, and grouping students for instruction (Chapter 3).  In a couple of paragraphs, describe how you address two of the above methods to create the literate environment that your students need. If you are a new teacher, describe how you plan to utilize at least two of these methods in your classroom. (No references are required in this post.)

Later in the week, return to this discussion and comment on the ideas expressed in at least two of your classmates’ postings (e.g., new ideas for your classroom, agree/disagree, additional ideas for applying an idea, etc.).


Two methods mentioned in Teaching Reading in the 21st Century that I would use are modeling and print-rich classroom. I find that both methods relate to each other because they give students a visual about reading. The modeling method allows students to see an adult that they respect having an interest in reading. The print-rich method allows students to visibly see books and reading related work on the classroom walls. I believe that these methods would create the literate environment that my students need.

These methods unconsciously influence the desire to read, since they are things that the student see repeatedly. In chapter three of Teaching Reading in the 21st Century, Mary Lou Flicker shared an experience she had with one of her least-motivated students. She read a Junie B. Jones book and then saw her student reading it; the student was influenced by his teacher to find joy in reading. From personal experience, a print-rich classroom helps students find interest in what they see around them. For example, a student who likes soccer walks into a library and sees a book about soccer, they will most likely want to read it. I believe these methods provide an emphasis on the importance of reading, whether it’s coming from a person or seen plainly.


Two methods that I have used are modeling and having a print rich classroom. Right now, I am a VPK para and I have worked as a preschool teacher. In modeling, we read books aloud every week. Sometimes, if a child brings a book to school, we will read that child’s book. We also have a word wall. The children were given opportunities to write their names and add them to the word wall. Some of the children have written sight words and those were added to the word wall. Each child has a book with empty pages. In this particular book, the children are asked to draw pictures. We are to ask the children what is going on in the picture. We are to write exactly what the child said.

The second method that we use is print-rich. In our classroom, we have a small library that has plenty of books for the children to choose from. We also have had visits from one of our public libraries. The librarian allowed each child to pick out their own book to keep. This has been done twice since the school year started. We have different posters hanging in our classroom. The posters are at the child’s level. At the beginning of the school year, each child was given an assignment to be completed with their families. The assignment was all about me posters. These have pictures of the child and information such as their favorite things. These posters are still in our classroom. This week, we are on patterning. The children were allowed to create different patterns. On their work, the children were encouraged to write “my patterns”on their work. Once I start teaching at the elementary level, I will continue to use these two methods to create the  literate environment.

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